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Our 3-Step Process

Our professional designers and installers are specialists in creating tailored organization for the entire home.  With a FREE in-home consultation and estimate, our designers will craft an organization system that allows you to simplify, organize and enjoy all of your spaces.

1 – Consult

Discussing your plans and figuring out your goals is key before starting anything else. After we have a good understanding of what you’re aiming for, we whip out the measuring tape and get to measuring! We will take our time to get the measurements right and all the weird angles accounted for.

Once this step is done and we have a good idea of your vision of the space you want worked on, we take it to the computer.

2 – Design

Now we start on your own custom design. Depending on the size of the project some will take longer than others. We do our best to design fast, but also make sure we are designing something that fits your wants, needs, and space.

Once we have a completed design, we run it by you and talk a little more about the plan and design and see if we’re on the same page. We will communicate back and forth to make sure we are meeting your expectations and come to an agreement on the design. Our popular ways of communicating we have found are:

having in-person meetings at our office and showroom

using email to share designs and plans when unavailable to meet in person or send a quick look.

We believe it is best when you are able to visually see the designs in person for your new storage solutions. Of course, we also except phone calls, text messages, and other communication apps.

3 – Install

We’ve completed the first two steps and now ready for install!

Our installers will arrive on a day that works best for you and get to work. Just like the design process, the installs will also very in time completion do to project size. (Our average install usually is around three days.)

Installers will work hard and fast to get the project completed. They are also good on keeping in touch with the designers and communicating with them when and if changes need to be made.

Everything is built and cut on site. Installers will make sure to keep their working areas clean before, during, and after the project. Keeping everything out of the way for you during the install.

There you have it! our 3-step process we use when helping you achieve your storage goals, wants, and needs.

Contact us today if you are looking to start a project but don’t know where to start! We will help you achieve your goals. Click here to fill out a contact form or call (402)-525-8608 to get started.


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